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I decided randomly to semi-troll as solo top, tanky dps Vayne. Here are the hilariously derp results. Really close game until the end.

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Free week Lulu! She’s so fun. And so OP. 

Or maybe the enemy team just wasn’t that great.
I mean, look at that Ezreal… He was PFE, too.

I had a really fun team, though :D

 And in the background you can see me stalking Mr. I-don’t-need-a-map.

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LoL Informational 7/24/12

Well to kick things off for this blog I will be doing an informational for this week. Which is something I plan to do every once a week. Moving on we got the new Muay Thai Lee Sin skin. dNow I personally think this Lee Sin skin is the best so far because it really defines who and how this champ’s fighting style is. Just one glance and woop you can already tell this guys going to be kicking heads off the enemy team’s shoulder. Riot’s added some new features to this skin from what I read Resonating Strike and Dragon’s Rage has new fighting animations. This skin should be out for 975RP soon so be on the look out for it if you’re a Lee Sin user!

Next we have Zyra, Thorns of…. whatever aha 

Well she’s pretty hot and speaking of hot she also has a pretty sick wildfire skin that also has different fighting animations. Zyra might be out tonight I’m assuming hopefully I’m right but yeah just like other new champs this plants going for 6300IP and 975RP Her passive “Rise of the Thorns” is REALLY nice it’ll mostly likely secure you a kill if you die in a really close fight because upon death shen turns into a plant that shoots out seeds I believe? That deal some true damage. It’s just annoying her Q is “Deadly Bloom” with this ability Zyra shoots out buds that explode at the targeted location. Zyra’s W “Rampant Growth” shoots seeds at a targetted location granting vision on that area for 30 seconds and if hit by her other abilities will bloom into live flowers that will focus on a target that you last focused on. Moving on to her E “Grasping Roots” Zyra snares he enemies by lashing out vines towards where ever the cursor is and finally her ult is “Stranglethorns” it’s an AoE ability then knocks up whoever is in the targeted location dealing some pretty major damage. Well that’s a wrap for this informational I will be posting another next week for more updates!

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New Blog please support

Favorite LoL champions? Introductions? Ideas? Fan art? Anything is league related is acceptable so please join my league blog so we can turn it into our own little community and place to chat thanks for the support in advance! :D